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Bulk Carrier Service​

Bulk Carrier Service Profile

K-Line Group's bulk carrier service is principally focusing on the transportation of iron ore, coal, and grain. 

However, it includes forestry resources, industrial raw materials, and so on. For instance, we actively transport woodchips, logs, raw salt, nickel ore, alumina, etc.


Cargo We Transport by Bulk Carrier

・Iron ore

Iron ore takes up most of the cargo movements from Australia and Brazil to China, Japan, and elsewhere. Huge vessels measuring 300 meters or longer, such as very large ore carriers (VLOCs) and capesize bulkers, are often used to move such cargo.



Coal is produced in various areas around the world. The top five coal-producing countries are China, India, United States, Indonesia, Australia.


The history of the Bulk Carries

The establishment of Kawasaki Kisen in 1919 launched “K” Line’s nonliner services, which primarily operated in the Atlantic.


As demand for resources and raw materials skyrocketed in the wake of industrialization and rising living standards in the 1960s, “K” Line’s bulk carriers transported a massive volume of cargo. Starting with its first iron ore carrier, FUKUKAWA MARU, in 1960, “K” Line developed specialized cargo vessels, taking into account the specific characteristics and loading efficiency of each material, which enabled the construction of larger vessel


The present operation of Bulk Carrier

Growth in international logistics demand encouraged “K” Line to expand its services for overseas and Japanese customers.


In the 2000s, “K” Line Pte Ltd. was opened in Singapore to independently operate a dry bulk business with its own vessels and “K” Line Bulk Shipping (UK) was established as a business hub in Europe.


“K” Line deploys a variety of ships to meet virtually every bulk cargo shipping demand, from iron ore, coal, and grain to wood and woodchips, and thereby facilitate the advance of industrialization.


The company also maintains one of the world’s largest fleets of capesize bulk carriers to transport iron ore and coking coal as well as specialized carriers for transporting woodchips for paper.


Although Japanese paper manufacturers currently represent the principal customers of this business, “K” Line has also been gaining overseas customers since the 2000s.


The consistent provision of high-quality service has enabled “K” Line to establish long-term relationships of trust with customers around the world.





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