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Car Carrier Service​

Car Carrier Service Profile

“K” LINE has built a fleet of Car Carriers with decks that can be adjusted according to the height of the stowed vehicles. This enables transport not only of general vehicles, but of all types of freight including over-sized vehicles such as buses and trucks as well as heavy machinery, boats and other static cargo.

All ship crew members, cargo handling personnel and operators work in tandem to prevent damage to cargo during transport through rigorous quality control. In addition to stable and reliable transport, “K” LINE provides high-quality, high-value-added services.


Our Services Routes

- Asia to South America West Coast Service (WCSA) 

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Global RORO Cargo Tracking 

Transport of Bullet train carriage

We transported bullet train carriages from Japan to Chile for local use.

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Comprehensive logistics services

for completely built-up cars

Through long-standing transportation agreements with automakers, we provide consistently reliable transportation quality, as well as the ability to address diversified needs that differ by region and nation.


In addition to car carrier services linking automobile manufacturing countries with consuming nations, we develop logistics sophisticated services for completely built-up cars in the districts near harbors and other locations close to factories and dealers.

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History of Car Carrier Service in K Line

TOYOTA MARU No. 1, one of Japan’s earliest roll-on/ roll-off (RoRo) car carriers, came into service in 1968 in response to the increase in car exports from Japan to North America, with grain being transported on inbound routes.


Japan’s first pure car carrier (PCC), TOYOTA MARU No. 10, was launched in 1970 and became the forerunner of today’s vessels exclusively designed for international vehicle transport.


Since then, “K” Line has continued developing its car carrier business to keep pace with the ever-increasing worldwide demand for automobiles.


Since opening the Mediterranean/Brazil route in 1993, “K” Line has opened additional routes across the Atlantic as part of a global vehicle transport network.


The present operation of Car Carrier

The transport of cars, which are not crated, requires advanced quality management. “K” Line is recognized as a world leader in this sector by accumulating expertise in preventing damage.


Since 2015, it has been upgrading its fleet, which is now capable of loading 7,500 units of diverse types of vehicles, from passenger cars to construction machinery and even railroad cars, in its latest newly-built car carriers.


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