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News Releases in 2021

News 2021

2021/08/26 Establishment of Sustainable Finance Website 

2021/08/25 Shipping Market Information Updated 

2021/08/24 “K” Line Group Introduces New Total Auto-Logistics Business in Peru  (219KB) 

2021/08/20 Providing the space for vaccination site in Philippines  (210KB) 

2021/08/05 World's first CO2 Capture Plant on vessel installed on Coal carrier “CORONA UTILITY” Launch of the “CC-OCEAN” Project demonstration  (489KB)

2021/08/04 Commencement of Joint Development Agreement for Tidal Energy Project in Canada  (175KB)

2021/08/04 Financial Highlights for 2nd Quarter FY2021 will be announced on November 4, 2021.

2021/08/04 Financial Highlights for 1st Quarter FY2021 were released.

2021/08/04 Financial Highlights for 1st Quarter FY2021  (245KB)

2021/08/04 Notice on Differences between Consolidated Financial Forecasts for the Fiscal Year ending March 2022  (328KB)

2021/07/28 “K” Line Continuously Selected as a Constituent of FTSE Blossom Japan Index  (115KB)

2021/07/26 Shipping Market Information Updated

2021/07/21 Corporate Governance Report  (420KB)

2021/07/20 Signing of a Long-term Consecutive Voyage Charter for a LNG-fueled Capesize Bulk Carrier with JFE Steel Corporation  (219KB)

2021/07/05 “K” LINE Dry Bulk Carrier Conducting Rescue Operation  (370KB)

2021/07/05 Publication of “K” LINE SUSTAINABILITY BOOKLET  (117KB)

2021/07/01 Data Security Incident Due to Unauthorized Access to Overseas Subsidiary System  (107KB)

2021/06/25 Shipping Market Information Updated 


2021/06/22 Notice on Differences between Consolidated Financial Forecasts for the Fiscal Year ending March 2022  (162KB) 

2021/06/22 Participation in R&D and demonstration project for CO2 marine transportation  (332KB) 


2021/06/14 Notice of occurrence of Non-Operating Income by dividends income  (164KB)


2021/06/11 Kick off “Joint Study” framework for studying ammonia as an alternative marine fuel  (130KB)


2021/06/08 Our View Regarding the Proxy Adviser’s Recommendation to Vote against Agenda at the 153rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders  (112KB)


2021/06/08 “K” LINE Holds Environmental Awards 2021 Ceremony  (279KB)


2021/05/29 Notice of the 153rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders  (737KB)

2021/05/29 Notice of the 153rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders  (737KB) 

2021/05/25 Shipping Market Information Updated

2021/05/17 Kobe/Kansai Hydrogen Utilization Council Report-Organizing a Future Vision for a Hydrogen Society and Quantifying Supply and Demand-  (125KB)

2021/05/10 Financial Highlights for 1st Quarter FY2021 will be announced on August 4, 2021.

2021/05/10 Financial Highlights FY2020 were released.

2021/05/10 Financial Highlights for FY2020  (1,083KB)

2021/05/10 Notice on recording the provision for losses from Containerships chartering and appropriation of Dividends (no dividends) from Retained Earnings  (129KB)

2021/04/30 Announcement regarding Transfer of Subsidiary Shares, Transfer of Fixed Assets and Recording Extraordinary Gain  (131KB)

2021/04/30 Regarding Our Board Evaluation  (246KB)

2021/04/30 Establishment of “K” Line Wind Service, Ltd. for Offshore Support Vessel Operation  (108KB)

2021/04/30 Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation  (118KB)

2021/04/30 Change of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members  (209KB)

2021/04/28 Introduction of the “K”ARE programme~ Ensuring safe operation through an organization culture that values openness ~  (219KB)

2021/04/27 Employment Support for The Challenged People with Our New Recycling Scheme for Used Lashing Material  (301KB)

2021/04/26 Shipping Market Information Updated

2021/04/26 Voluntary transport Bush Fire charity vehicle being loaded to PCC MV Tianjin Highway  (165KB)

2021/04/21 Recovery of Enterprise System Failure (5)  (105KB)

2021/03/31 Notice on Differences between Consolidated Financial Forecasts for the Fiscal Year ending March 2021  (154KB)

2021/03/29 Encountering Enterprise System Failure (4)  (96KB)

2021/03/25 Shipping Market Information Updated

2021/03/24 Encountering Enterprise System Failure (3)  (103KB)

2021/03/22 Encountering Enterprise System Failure(2)  (93KB)

2021/03/18   >>Encountering Enterprise System Failure

2021/03/12   >>(CHG5)Video Release: New Built LNG-fueled Car Carrier ”CENTURY HIGHWAY GREEN”

2021/3/12   >>(CHG4)"K" LINE's Car Carrier Obtains World's First Remote Survey Notation as Newly-built Ship

2021/3/12   >>(CHG3)"K" LINE commenced Proof of Concept with NOKIA in the field of DX for ships Accelerating safety and quality utilizing high speed communication network~

2021/3/12   >>(CHG2)First Climate Transition Finance in Japan 

2021/3/12   >>(CHG1)Delivery of Next-generation Environmentally Friendly Car Carrier Fueled by LNG ”CENTURY HIGHWAY GREEN”

2021/3/09  >>Establishment of Carbon Neutral Promotion Group

2021/2/26  >>Notice of occurrence of Non-Operating Income by dividends income 

2021/02/25  >>Changes of responsibilities of Executive Officers  (227KB)


2021/02/25  >>Shipping Market Information Updated

2021/02/24  >>“K” LINE commenced technical management of Singapore’s first LNG Bunkering Vessel “FUELNG BELLINA”  (215KB)


2021/02/17  >>Adopting full scale of AI data analysis technology for environmental load reduction〜 Confirmed high accuracy on ship performance evaluation〜  (159KB)


2021/02/10  >>Conduct Joint Emergency Response Drill with ONE  (170KB)


2021/02/10  >>“K” LINE Awarded CDP’ s “Supplier Engagement Leaderboard”  (155KB)


2021/02/05  >>(Correction) Notice of the Third Quarter Financial forecast  (293KB)


2021/02/03  >>Financial Highlights FY2020 will be announced on May 10, 2021


2021/02/03  >>Financial Highlights for 3rd quarter FY2020 were released.


2021/02/03  >>Change of Executive Officers  (163KB)


2021/02/03  >>Financial Highlights for 3rd Quarter FY2020  (353KB)


2021/02/03  >>Notice on Differences between Consolidated Financial Forecasts for the Fiscal Year ending March 2021  (256KB)


2021/02/02  >>“K” LINE to expand sharing of ship operation data to enhance utilization of big data in the maritime industry  (187KB)

2021/01/25  >>Shipping Market Information Updated

2021/01/22  >>Happy New Year Sailors! Greetings from elementary schoolers.


2021/01/15  >>Posted CEO Message for CDP2020 “A List” award ―Earning Highest Rating “A” for Five Consecutive Years―  (199KB)


2021/01/14  >>"Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions" is certified for innovative technology~ First "Innovation Endorsement" for Products & Solutions accredited by ClassNK ~  (124KB)


2021/01/05  >>Expanding “Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions” to chartered vessels  (112KB)


2021/01/04  >>2021 New Year Message from the President “Finding opportunity for transformation in hardship” Aiming to be a company that responds to change and contributes to the future 

Image by Zaini Izzuddin
Image by Zaini Izzuddin
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